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  • Driver Education Course for Teens

    State-approved for Ages 15-17 with Learner's Permit

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    ODOT-approved Teen Driver Course

    Online Classroom


    JUNE 13 - AUG 14 Su/T/Th 6:30-8PM


    JULY 12 - SEPT 12 M/W/F 6:30-8PM


    Classroom sessions will be held online via video conferencing, 3 days/week. Driving lessons are scheduled separately, once/week. For driving lessons, please plan on following precautions that include wearing a face mask.


    Course Fee: $299* ($215 low-income)

    * Rates and discounts are based on Completion of all required hours. Additional fees may be charged for absences/withdrawal.


    Students need laptop/computer + smartphone, reliable internet connection. More Details

    • 30 hours classroom instruction (8-12 weeks)
    • 12 hours in-car training
    • Textbook included
    • ODOT Certificate of Completion
    • Basic vehicle skills
    • Rules of the road
    • Advanced strategies for risk reduction
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  • Driving Lessons

    Check out the Lesson Modules overview or visit the Study Site to start learning now.   Take a quiz, watch a tutorial video, or browse the learning blog at www.free2drive.co.

    6-pack Behind The Wheel

    Six 1-hour Driving Lessons: $280

    Drivers of any age with a valid permit (can be out-of-state) may take driving lessons without classroom instruction. Study materials are available online to help you get the most out of your lessons.


    Flex scheduling, at-home pick up (in service area), learn at your own pace. Our program requires four lessons for intermediate learners and six for newbies.

    4-pack Behind The Wheel

    Four 1-hour Driving Lessons: $190

    Drivers of any age with a valid permit (can be out-of-state) may take driving lessons without classroom instruction. Study materials are available online to help you get the most out of your lessons.


    Flex scheduling, at-home pick up (in service area), learn at your own pace. The four-pack is best for people who have good vehicle control and are preparing for their DMV test.

    Driver Evaluation

    One Hour $45

    Need some feedback and advice? The Driver Evaluation is a one-hour route through Astoria and Warrenton with a certified instructor.


    The evaluation covers how well you know the law plus seven general areas: Turning, Lane Changes, Backing, Intersections, Parking, Speed Control, and Attention. Following the evaluation, you'll find out what you should work on and get some tips for improvement. You can sign up for Driving Lessons if you want more help.


    Freedom Driver Education is NOT a third-party tester for DMV and no part of this evaluation or drive route is related to the DMV licensing exams.

  • Resources

    Parent Guide to Teen Driving

    Getting a Provisional License

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    It's not the license; it's the learning.

    Can I get a DMV test through you?

    We are not licensed to provide DMV behind-the-wheel tests. You will have to contact DMV or a third-party testing business.

    Does my teen need driver education?

    Oregon law does not require driver education for Under 18 licensing. Obviously, someone needs to teach your teen how to drive. Parents appreciate a professional, certified driving course because it provides a structured curriculum and can alleviate some of the stress between parent and teen during the learning phase.

    What is an ODOT Certificate of Completion?

    To promote teen driver safety, Oregon Department of Transportation helps families pay for a state-approved driver education course. Only teens Under 18 are eligible for Freedom Driver Ed's subsidized course fee of $290 ($215 for verified low-income). With a Certificate of Completion, teens are not required to take the DMV drive test when applying for a license.

    Do I have to pay when I sign up?

    No. Payment is due within the first two class dates for the teen driver course. For private lessons, you may arrange to make payment at the first lesson. If you need to pay over time, please speak to me.

    When should my teen get a driver's license?

    That decision is entirely up to the parents. Completing a driver education course does not necessarily mean that a teen is ready to be a licensed, unsupervised driver. The decision to get your teen a driver's license depends on your confidence in their maturity and skills, as well as your insurance costs. I recommend that teens take driver education at age 15, then practice for about a year before getting a license.

    How do I schedule a driving lesson?

    When you have signed up for a teen driver education course, we will work out the lesson schedule for the class (students drive in teams). People taking private lessons can book through a link at www.free2drive.co

    What is your grievance policy?

    Complaints or grievances may be made through Oregon DMV Third Party Programs, 503-945-5049.

  • Learning to be Free

    Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

    - Steven Wright

    personal instruction driver training

    There's No App for That

    Personal instruction is the best way

    Teens can use tons of online resources to learn traffic safety laws, how to operate a vehicle, how to drive in various conditions, and how to use today’s car safety tech. There are hundreds of great apps that are useful for passing the knowledge test at the DMV. You can use apps for monitoring driver performance -- they use your phone to measure things like hard stops, speeding and fast cornering. You can download any kind of lesson imaginable from an online course or from thousands of YouTube videos.


    But learning how to drive is like learning how to play basketball or piano -- you don’t really know how to do it until you’ve done it. Having a good coach and dedicating yourself to lots of practice are the keys to becoming good at anything -- whether it’s basketball, piano or driving a car.

    driver education for teens

    Experience vs. Training

    Let Freedom Go to Your Head

    It’s no surprise that teen drivers get into more car crashes than any other age group. Sadly, car crashes are the leading cause of death for people 16-24. Why? Lack of experience. But maybe driving is one thing you don’t want to learn by trial and error. The good news: Freedom Driver Education is designed specifically to teach those skills that experts say most teens lack due to inexperience. Of course, no matter how much training you have, it always boils down to choices based on responsibility and maturity. Our goal is to teach young drivers how to be free and smart at the same time, because there’s only one person who can determine your risk of a crash.

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    Pamela Cromwell

    Owner, Instructor, Chief Car Washer

    I've lived in this part of the Pacific Northwest for a few years now. After helping a friend's daughter learn to drive, I discovered our community no longer offered a driver education program. So I decided to start one! To me, personal freedom is, in large part, the ability to go wherever you want, in your own car. My goal is to teach young people how to embrace their personal independence and protect themselves from losing it. Safe, smart driving keeps everybody happy on the road. My personal driving experience ranges from the badlands of New Mexico to the mountains of Colorado and the narrow lanes of England. I am certified by the DMV and approved by ODOT to teach teens the complex coordination of skills that safe driving requires.

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